Our Mission

Network is a part of the Bristol University student volunteering group. It is one of approximately 30 projects which are coordinated by UBU, and is run by students.

Our mission is to provide a happy, safe and relaxed environment in which members can talk to other members, volunteers, and play board games or do other activities if they wish. 

Our primary focus is to ensure that the group caters for the needs of its members and adapts to what it is that you want out of it! We are happy to alter things you feel should change - so just give us a ring, text or email by looking up our contact details on the Contact tab.

We are also very eager to ensure that those who would benefit from this type of group are made aware of Network! We always welcome new members, and a very friendly and welcoming group! If you are interested in coming to Network for the first time and have any more queries, please don't hesitate to contact us - details are on the contacts page!

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